Friday, 16 September 2011

keep on burning

A funny thing happened today, I discovered how little I care for the contents of the average comic shop.  My son was with one of his grandmothers and I'd gone into town to pay in a cheque at the bank, I had some hard cash burning a hole in my pocket and the opportunity to browse around a comic shop.  20 years ago I could have walked into such a shop with £30 in my pocket and blown it in style, Sandman, Hellblazer, Valiant comics, Cerebus phone books, bone, Drawn and Quarterly, Fantagraphics, Concrete and various other marvelous books.  Today, after an hour browsing I came up with "Alec, the years have pants" and a Gottfredson Mickey Mouse collection, neither of which I was prepared to pay the asking price for.  Scanning the actual comics on the wall I saw nothing, a plethora of tv based titles for shows I didn't care about and an amorphous mass of Fear Itself tie ins that had no personality of their own. I looked at the DC relaunch and was left wondering why with most of the titles. (Batman related titles must make nearly 50% of DC's output), if it wasn't for the fact that the latest volume Paul Grist's Jack Staff had arrived from Amazon the day before and I'd also had a chance to read the excellent X-Men first class earlier that week I'd think comics today were a lost cause.  So that left me wondering, where are all the comics that meet my criteria of good and what are my criteria?  So that's where we're headed next, deep into criterialand.  And in the meantime, that money continues to burn a hole in my pocket.   

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